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Kärma Sounds hits the mark with a soulful debut single, "Let’s Stay Home Tonight"

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Going beyond the captivating vocals Karma Sounds artistry captures the essence of emotions crafting a lush and varied musical fabric that reflect both vulnerability and strength
- Each Measure

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A Journey Through Music and Spirituality with Kärma Sounds...Mysterious is funky and a fusion of disco and dance music that is graced by Morin’s vocals which is smooth and powerful
- Medium Music Arena

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Sauriez-vous apprécier les mélodies savoureuses proposées par Kärma Sounds dans sa chanson
« Cake and Eat It » ?
- IGGY Magazine

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Karina Morin, avec sa voix veloutée qui semble caresser chaque note, nous invite dans un univers où l’imperfection est célébrée comme le véritable visage de la beauté. 
- ExtraVAFrench

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